Progressive Report

Progressive project report

Report to FOK and Board of Karopa

Time to Act Kabondo/TAK.

We are very glad that the TAK train has now left the station moving steadily in archiving its overall goal ‘’ Zero New HIV Infection in Kabondo by 2030.’’ It has been a long journey in making the application to Forum Syd and were it not a matter of commitment and stamina then nothing would have been achieved since the application was referred back to us many times for further development of the content. The project team both from SVEO and LEO side made a lot of time sacrifice to ensure that we pulled it through. Karopa CBO membership therefore applauds the FOK board for working close by the financiers (Forum Syd) and again acting as the guarantors for the funds during the two year program 2016-2018. Much more thanks to the following individuals for their humble contribution in making the application: Margareta, Ingrid, Sofia and Ida from the FOK side and James, Martin, Wendy and Paul from Karopa CBO.
At the moment the project office is well established with 3 full time working staff comprising of a Project manager, Field officer and Accounts Officer. The process of recruitment was through a transparent mode where advertisement was put out for the three position and the candidates were shortlisted for the interview and the persons who became successful were as follows James employed as Project manager, Martin Ouma was employed Field officer and Irene Opiyo was employed as Accounts Officer.
The trainers to work with target group of 12-14 at the TAK project have also been recruited through a similar processes that was used in employing the Project Office staff, the six trainers will work part time in the project as stipulated in the TAK Goal and Risk Matrix. There is still debate between the board and the project staff whether to recruit assistant to trainers or to have a few trainers like 2 to be butterfly trainers covering in the event one trainer is not bale to comply with the work.
The project office staff will meet the trainers on Thursday 25th of August to take them through the TAK programe and make them familiar with what is expected of them as we wait for a training manual from the Global Platform-Actionaid. The trainers are expected to travel to Nairobi for a two week training at the Global Platform facility, after the training of the TOTs the TAK project will be launched mid-September with a meet up of the all the trainers, youths and family of the youths and invited guests from different sectors.
Agribusiness/farmer groups.
It’s a season for harvesting in Kabondo for the farmers to begin the second season of planting. There is a big disappointment on the harvest due to little rain that fell during the last season. Most people got little food harvest. The plants did not do well, we at Karopa were not left out we have got very little maize though not yet harvested. We plan to harvest by next week then plant beans with the short rains expected beginning of September.
Karopa CBO is now working closely with Miriu Integrated CBO an organization that has been fully capacity built by VI Agroforestry Kisumu. The two organization are to form a working formula where they will plan and implement similar projects and activities together. The already identified farm activities to be undertaken are: to work with farmers in imparting knowledge on best certified seeds to sow, best time for planting, banana farming through the distribution of good banana seeds, kitchen gardening among others.
There shall be agroforestry practices for the farmer groups from both the two organization being Miriu and Karopa.

Tree nursery.
This project is funded by the Swedish Society of Kenya, Karopa CBO is working closely with Miriu Integrated CBO project in the implementation of this project in a permanent water source at the Ologi Spring next to the fish pond a land that has been leased for three years and fenced off to prevent the stray of intruders in the facility. Miriu Intergrated CBO has offered a field officer who visits the site occasionally to work and monitor the progress of the project.
The tree nursery has majorly water friendly trees incorporated with indigenous tree species with a variety of local vegetables. The site will be a pilot project connecting to other project like agribusiness and farmer group activities by providing trees to incorporate in the farms since good trees help in providing mulch and water retention in the soil. The trees also acts as wind breakers in the farms stopping heavy storms from destroying the plants and farm houses.
We live in an area where we also keep a few dairy cattle for milk consumption, we have therefore also propagated fodder trees like Lucerne. This trees will be distributed to the farmers to plant in their farms and feed their animals for more milk production.
Among the trees being propagated in our tree nursery includes Gravellia, whistling pine, Cypress, acacia, bottle traps among others.
Fish farming
This project has taken a little more time than was anticipated, this is due to the fact that the wall which was separating the two ponds collapsed making the fish to crowd in one pond. Fish need enough space to swim and exercise this our fish lacked making them to grow slowly.
We have now agreed to carry out harvest of all the fish on Friday 26th this month. After the sale will repair the pond and re-stock the best the best carrying capacity. We have learnt a lot of challenges from the project that we shall ensure we take great care of so as to ensure we get the best harvest in the subsequent farming activities.
Sports is one of the tools that bring the youths together where they can talk about issues that affects them in the society. During the recently held football tournament at Otondo the Karopa football team beat the other teams and emerged victorious. It was another occasion where we managed to sell our programs to the gathering informing them about the activities that we undertake at Karopa CBO especially our new program the TAK project.
We hope we shall be able to organize more of such activities to even inform the community about our projects.

May all the projects be successful!

Report prepared by
The project Manager
James Ojwang
For Karopa CBO.


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  1. Karopa cbo being a local civil society organization has formed an advocacy coalition”afya yetu coalition” focussing on issues ralated to health eg.Viral load machine,awareness creation on high hiv prevelence rate in homabay county and inadequate condom dispenses and condom
    We need partners to help us achieve this

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