MMLD Training in Arusha Report

Middle Managers Leadership Development Programme (MMLDP)
Venue: MS-Training Center for Development Co-operation, Arusha Tanzania.
Duration: 1st – 5th May 2017
Attended by: James Ojwang for the Karopa Project Office and
Mercy Wendy for the Board of Karopa CBO
Thanks to the financiers (Friends of Kabondo) for this training that enabled James and Wendy to take part in this wondering training in Arusha for one week.
The training was summarized into three major components that is leading self, leading others and leading the organization. The participants were to understand themselves leadership skills as required of them for the running the operations on an organization.
The participants were taken through the concepts of management and roles of middle managers in leadership. We also went through leadership styles that includes transactional, transformational, democratic and lazes faire where we found that democratic is the best leadership style that embraces everyone in the organization in decision making thus promotes high productivity in the organization.
We were motivated about values and ethics in leadership where as an individual leader one has to have his/her values and ethics that depicts who s/he is before putting the values and ethics of organization. Self-discipline starts within an individual before practicing the organization’s values. It is therefore very important for a leader to have a positive image and a leader has to visualize what he/she wants to achieve in the organization. A leader has also to develop emotional intelligence that can help the leader to manage oneself and one’s relationship in mature and constructive ways. These emotional intelligence includes the following self- awareness, Self- management, Social awareness and relationship management. In leading self in leadership an individual should be able to formulate vision, mission and objectives achievable in an organization.
Leaders in an organization should also be empowered to develop personal assertive skills. This helps these leaders to thrive even when under pressure

In leading others in an organization, middle managers should be able to develop good communication skills and proper elements of communication. The managers should be able to form team work with leaders. These teams should have clear roles of operations. While forming the teams the manager can adopt Tuckman 5 Stage theory i.e. forming, storming, and norming, performing and adjourning. The manager should be responsible when the team is doing well or when the team is not doing well to effect the changes that will yield positive results in the organization.

On the management of the organization all the leaders should be able to understand the Vision, Mission, values and Organizational Strategy. For all these to be realized the managers with all the stakeholders should be able to carry out SWOT analysis and strategically plan the activities and the functions of an organization. The managers can use the management tools like Kotters 8 steps for leading organizational change that includes create a sense of urgency ,build a guiding coalition ,form a strategic vision and initiatives, enlist a volunteer army, enable action by removing barriers, generate short term wins, sustain acceleration and institute change. Application of each step to the change process in the organization is very important. Middle managers should be able to understand or know sustainable changes within the organization. The middle managers should therefore create a learning process in an organization where the senior staff pass knowledge to the junior managers and staff

During training we also went through dynamics of decision making, decision making models and styles. Also tackled was gender and feminism in the organization and feminism leadership, this goes with power dimension. We also learnt principles of feminist leadership as applied to roles of middle managers.

There would be an action plan by training fellow members in the organization about all that we learnt. This should be done as soon as possible.

Reported by
James Ojwang.

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