July -September 2017 CBO Report

Reports on the CBO Projects.
July – September 2017.
We are at the end of the second last quarter of the year 2017, Kenya has experienced a lot hot political temperature and high cost of leaving. The situation began mid this year when the official political campaigns began for the 8th August elections. The elections was peaceful and smooth until presidential elections were declared indicating that the incumbent had won only to be disputed by the opposition and challeged the outcome in the supreme court. A court verdict was read on the 1st September that nullified the presidential results as null and void after finding illegalities and irregularities during the transmission of the results shamming those who had praised the election as free, fair, credible and verifiable especially the international bodies, these brought life to the opposition that had been declared to have lost the election.
The Supreme Court has therefore ordered a new presidential election in the next 60 days from the date of results nullification being 31st of October the last day to hold elections. At the moment there seem a stands off on the reforms needed to be taken by the electoral commission. The two sides participating in the elections cannot agree on the way forward on the reforms we therefore see a constitutional crisis ahead and seek for peace in Kenya as we’re challenged during the coming elections.
Despite all the above challenges the weather has been moderately good with rainfalls falling at intervals of times of the year. The following projects have got their undertaking as follows.

Tree Nursery
We had the challenges finding seeds at the beginning of June as suppliers were unable to provide us with the seeds we later got the seeds and now they have been planted in the tree nursery. Soon we shall start potting the seeds in the tubes to grow to the height that they can be transplanted in the field from then they will attract market and start earning money to the project. We have the following seedlings at the tree nursery at the moment Keapples, Paw paw and Eucalyptus grandies and a few Moringa seedlings after giving most of the moringa seedlings to the farmers around the tree nursery site (Ologi Area). Notes about Moringa tree is now made showing its uses and benefits this will help to promote Moringa tree planting.
We estimate to have over 15,000 – 50,000 seedlings by end of November for sales.
From the assessment these project should be able to stand alone and not depend on other projects as it will pay its own costs whenever they arise. It is remembered that the tree nursery has taken care of labour costs at the fish pond since it pays the fish pond attendant who doubles as the tree nursery care taker.

Fish Farming.
Our fish are growing pretty faster than the first we reared, we anticipate to harvest by the end of November. We shall look for a proper market locally as we have many fish eaters around. From our observation in the pool of water we are able to notice that almost all the fish survived thus we expect a close to 800 fish in the pond. This is seen whenever feeds are taken to the fish as they spread on the water surface.

Eco Blocks.
This has been a new project that is aimed to reduce the cost of building through the use of compressed soil blocks in Kabondo and entire Homa-bay County, the project will also reduce the usage of tress in burning the soil bricks. The project is at the moment constructing a model toilet to show case the structure that comes out of an Ecoblock it is for the community to see that it is possible to build cheaply using the soil blocks.
We try as much as possible to answer the many questions that people have asked about the soil blocks like can one build slowly the walls as he or she waits to make the roofs. We also let the community to learn the whole process of making the blocks to building of houses. Our village masonries have the opportunity being exposed to the new building stone so as to grasp the idea of building using the new technology.
Karopa CBO will therefore embark in marketing the new building technology to the county government, constituency development offices, hospitals, schools and other institutions not forgetting the community at large.
A document on Eco block with procedures, calculations and pictures is under construction to be used as a marketing tool for the project.
The CBO has leased a land where the Eco Block Machine is kept and demonstration of the activities of soil blocks is taking place. The space is big enough for other projects that are Soil block related and other income generating activities to the CBO. The board of Karopa is therefore at liberty to come with creative ideas that can make the CBO tap more income.
As earlier noted in the previous reports, these particular project has had many challenges in past due to weather, pests and diseases beyond the CBO’s control on various crops from Sweet Potato to the recently harvested maize and beans. The previous maize harvest was not better either since it was destroyed by the army warm that destroyed maize fields in the entire Kenya. This season we have planted sorghum a drought and pest resistant crop. We hope to receive a good harvest from the investment, it’s regrettable that we have been investing a lot resources in this project and receives little income from the project. The board has therefore decided not to proceed with this project in the coming years thus this season is the final year for the agribusiness as Karopa tries to narrow down to only profit making income generating activities.
Proceeds from the sales of the harvests will be used manage the farm from now till the harvests of the sorghum.
I will pen off now hoping for the best for our projects and good corporation with our partners, other reports will come from the CBO board communications as well.
Reported by
James Ojwang
Project Manager.
Karopa CBO

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