Interlocking Compressed Soil Block

Let’s build cheaply and save our trees!
Let’s use compressed Soil bricks!
Karopa CBO promotes Eco – Blocks for building houses, Tanks and any other walls.
While using interlocking compressed soil block you’ll be able to save at least KES 27 per square foot on wall, a cost you would incur on course laying while using mortar(Sand,Cement and Water) when building using burnt bricks.
Interlocking blocks saves on the agony of having to plaster outside the wall that even pushes the cost much higher. The blocks also come with groves known as ‘’keying’’ known to cost even more.
The duration for building is shorten as one needs not to worry on waiting for the walls to harden before making more courses of blocks layers unlike for the case with the burnt bricks that one has to cure the walls and is restricted on the courses to be layered per day.
The walls has the best finishing that only needs Varnish to shine even more.
Contact Karopa Integrated CBO for the best interlocking compressed soil blocks.
For the best quality bricks!
Test the soil to know it elasticity and to determine the ratio of the stabilizer (cement) and the soil.
Use all the best soil but not black cotton soil
Make sure you use the ratio as realized during the test; your measurement unit must be specific and used to the latter
Soil capillarity is very important while mixing the stabilizer and the soil not too wet and not too dry: use your hands to test i.e. it should not wet your hand neither should it scramble when you squeeze a ball of the soil mixture in your palms
Compress the blocks and lay them on a well levelled ground away from run offs. Test your first compressed blocks by putting on a leveled ground and stepping on it using a flat shoes, if the upper protrusion part doesn’t sink down but you have a crack a cross the block then you have the best block, proceed for more blocks but should it sink then discard and check your mixture content and machine adjustment.
After 12 hours cure the blocks twice a day and stack them after 24 hours and cover them with a water tight transparent polythene paper and let them stay in that condition for 28 days as they mature for building
Remember to lubricate the machine with used oil occasionally for efficiency.

To purchase the interlocking blocks or to hire the machine and laborers kindly contact Karopa Integrated CBOEmail:, P.O Box 66-40109 Sondu or Project Manager James Ojwang on Telephone 0724273199

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