Report from Sports department

Appreciation from the sports department
Let me take this opportunity to thank all friends of Kabondo team especially to the chair Margareta for her coordination with the sporting team coming from her neighborhood, Special thanks goes to the organization/club in Sweden that donated the sporting kits and materials that we received two weeks ago.
We received three pairs of uniforms, fourteen balls, two pairs of socks and some pairs of sporting shoes. The materials will help us a lot during the trainings, tournaments and sporting activities both in the men and females teams.
May I also take this chance to thank you all on behalf of all Karopa members and to inform you that the materials really boosted the morale of our players thus will help us much in future. We look forward to cooperating more with you in future and may the almighty bless you so much

Sports Department of Karopa intergrated CBO
Elijah Odongo and Johnstone Ochieng.

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  1. Thanks a lot! I will forward your appreciation to the young members of Jarvso BK (= bollklubb = ball club). Keep the good work up, see you soon!

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